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Video Conference Wall Kiosk
Touch Screen and Handset

Power, AC\DC PS Kit with 6 foot AC cord
Base Configuration
17" Display & vandal proof touch screen
PS Wall Mount Touch Screen Video Conference Kiosk
Micro Computer, 1.5GHZ Quad, 64bit, 128 GB SSD , 8GB
Power, AC\DC PS Kit with 6 foot AC cord
Est. Shipping 2-10 weeks
Rugged ABS enclosure
17” LED Display
Vandal proof touch screen
Metal back plate
Lift off hinges
Dual locking system
Micro computer
Optional AC or POE power
Optional web camera
Conduit connections
Built for public use
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Wall Mount Video Conference Kiosk - PeopleServ WT-H30

The PeopleServ™ WT-H30 wall mount kiosk with telephone handset is made of rugged ABS plastic. The ABS plastic enclosure is lightweight and durable. The rugged touch screen is made of tempered glass to withstand the rigors of public use. The tough handset is perfect for public video conference. The modular PC and modular peripherals let you maintain and expand the kiosk even in the ever-changing digital landscape. Choose the WT-H30 kiosk for your next wall mount kiosk application.


The WT-H30 wall kiosk is perfect for video conference applications. Select from an electric hook switch or non-functioning hook switch.


The metal wall mounting plate has various mounting holes to secure the kiosk to the wall. An opening has been provided in the wall mounting plate for AC plugs to be installed in the wall. Ethernet can be easily accessed from the back of the kiosk too. Once the wall kiosk is closed the AC plug & ethernet is secured from the public.


Quick Release
Labor is expensive. The unique lift off hinge system insures minimum down time and labor cost when replacing a wall kiosk in the field. Ship a new kiosk and install it in minutes without removing the back plate. Wall Kiosk are only beneficial when they are being used. Up time is everything.


Dual Security
The dual locking system secures the wall kiosk enclosure tight to the wall plate and wall. Locks can be uniquely keyed for additional security.


Dual Security
The Freedom to choose is always the best. The wall kiosk is designed to support any brand of mini or microcomputer box. Use Dell, HP, Lenovo or generic barebones computer to power your application. Special brackets are used for quick change out. This feature is great for computer maintenance replacements or upgrades. No longer are you limited to a particular configuration.


Dual Power
Most computers are limited on internal power voltages, but the wall kiosk has not only 12V power but 19V. The two voltages give you the freedom to select the PC of your choice in addition to any add on peripherals.


No need to run expensive AC electric outlets to the location of the wall kiosk. Using the optional internal high-powered POE (powered over ethernet) system you can quickly put the wall kiosk in any location. Sometimes it is not cost effective or practical to run extension cords to nearby AC outlets. Take the wall kiosk to where the it needs to be quickly and cost effectively.


AC Power
When you have AC electric use it. No need to worry about where to store the external power brick, it’s housed inside the inside the wall kiosk. One more advantage, its modular and can be easily replaced.


The wall kiosk backplate mounting bracket has generous space to run AC and ethernet through the wall to the kiosk, but sometimes you need to secure the wiring on the outside wall. Concrete and block walls are difficult to run wire through. The wall kiosk has internal conduit connectors so that your installation is clean and secure. The internal conduit connector can be located in the top or bottom of the wall kiosk. Easy, clean and safe giving total flexibility of network and power.


Web Camera
The optional web camera puts sight into your application. The optional web camera has an adjustable thumb wheel that will adjust the camera viewable area from high or low. This feature accommodates ADA compliant wall kiosk installations. The manual adjustment wheel gives the user the ability to get in the picture no matter of their height. Perfect for wall kiosk video conferencing applications


At the bottom of the wall kiosk is an opening that can be used to add additional add on modules such as fingerprint reader, printer, scanners, payment, etc. This feature allows you to customize the kiosk to do what you need it to do.

Discover more about the PeopleServ™ W-Series Wall Kiosk!


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