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17" Touch Screen Display
Native Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Display Format: 4:3 Standard LED
Micro Computer, 1.5GHZ Quad, 64bit, 128 GB SSD , 8GB
No Operating System
Micro Computer, 1.5GHZ Quad, 64bit, 128 GB SSD , 8GB

Includes Windows 10 Pro
Sleek Kiosk No Peripherals Black
Self Service Kiosk
Base Price $612.95
Base Item
VESA Monitor
No Computer
Front Decal
Base Configuration
PS Sleek VESA Mount Kiosk with No Peripherals - black
Est. Shipping 5-10 days
Stylish kiosk design
17” PCAP touch monitor
Fanless micro computer
Supports various peripherals
Sufficient storage space inside kiosk
Standard and custom colors
Custom graphics
Kiosk ships as one piece, easy to install
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Self-Service Kiosk with VESA Touch Monitor - Black

The SLEEK self service kiosk is ideal for applications that require no peripherals. Mount any VESA monitor, All-in-one PC or Tablet to the SLEEK self service kiosk. The stylish kiosk has plenty of room inside to store an AC power strip or AC power brick. This is a sturdy and sleek kiosk is perfect for your next self service kiosk project.


Supports 75x75mm VESA mounting pattern.

See and Touch

Touch Display
The SLEEK self service kiosk can be ordered with an optional 17” PCAP Touch Display. The HDMI and USB touch controller is an ideal user interface for any software application

Small but Powerful

The optional micro fan-less PC packs plenty of power for most self-serve applications. The PC can operate as a stand-alone PC or wired network PC or wireless WiFi PC


More Space
The sleek self service kiosk has adequate space for proper cable management, Printer, PC and AC power strip or UPS battery backup.

Be Seen

Bring a spectrum of color to your self service kiosk application. Custom colors are unlimited. Specify your color and we will try to match it perfectly. Make your self service kiosk stand out with color.

Stand Out

Beautiful custom silk screen and stickers can make your brand standout in a busy environment. Let us make the graphics come alive for your self service kiosk application

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