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Base PC
Base Configuration
15" Display & vandal proof touch screen
PS O-10 Outdoor Kiosk - Silver
Micro Computer, 1.5GHZ Quad, 64bit, 128 GB SSD , 8GB
Est. Shipping 2-10 weeks
Robust attractive design
Optically bonded 15” display
Vandal proof 15” PCAP touch screen
Aluminum kiosk body
Heat shield, reflective paint
Integrated air condition system
Fanless micro computer
Kiosk supports wide range of peripherals
Two compartments, upper and lower
Custom graphics
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Self-Service Outdoor Kiosk - O-Series

The highly customizable PeopleServ™ O-10 outdoor kiosk can accommodate your outdoor application needs. Built to be outdoors the kiosk body is made of aluminum and painted a reflective silver paint. Equipped with a full outdoor air-conditioning and heater the O-10 stays cool in hot weather and warm in the cold weather. The O-10 kiosk can support a wide range of peripherals. The bright optically bonded 15” LED screen and vandal proof PCAP touch screen is perfect for any application used by the public.


Optical Bonding
It is essential to see content when viewing content on the outdoor kiosk display. The O-10 comes standard with a bright optically bonded 15” display. Optically bonding display raises the contract level so your eye can see the display even in the sunlight.

For the Public

Vandal Proof Touch Screen
When dealing with the public it is essential that you have a harden solution that will hold up to the rigors of public use. The rugged tempered glass .156” PCAP touch screen is perfect for any outdoor kiosk application.

Do More

The O-10 comes with a rich selection of weather proof sealed peripherals. Customize to the needs of your outdoor kiosk application. Outdoor customization includes payment readers, printers, barcode readers, check readers, bill and coin acceptors, passport, driver license and webcam.

Stay Cool

Keeping cool is important to computer components. When they overheat, they shut down. The integrated air-condition guarantees that your outdoor kiosk application continues to run even in the harshest environment. Need little heat for the cold times? Add the heater option.

Flexible Processing

The O-10 outdoor kiosk is designed to support any brand of mini or microcomputer box. Use Dell, HP, Lenovo or generic barebones computer to power your application.

Stand Out

Stand out in a crowd. Brand with silk screen graphics, custom colors and stickers. Make sure you O-10 kiosk makes a presence.

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