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Topaz with Wallmount
Fits TD-LBK07 & TD-LBK101
Base Price $419.08
GemView 7
Base Configuration
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Topaz TD-LBK070
Mounts to Wall
60° Slant
Cables are concealed
Attractive design
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Topaz Systems TD-LBK070 Signature Pad with Wall Mount Base

The Topaz TD-LBK070 Signature pad securely mounts to the SigX wall mount. All cables are secured from public access with the specially designed mounting bracket.

The SigX wall mount mounts to vertical surfaces. The stand is set at the perfect 60 degree for optimal signature pad location. The SigX wall mount is perfect for any signature pad application.

Each of our wall mounts can be purchased with a Topaz T-LBK57GC, TD-LBK070, or TD-LBK101 signature pad or you may purchase the stand individually.

Topaz T-LBK070 Signature Pad

\images\display\Signature-Pad\wallmount\Topaz TD-LBK070 - Wall Mount

The Topaz GemView® 7 has a small footprint, 7.0” high-resolution display and electronic pen, the GemView 7 allows for signing documents, playing videos, running ads, and more. GemView Tablet Displays come bundled with Topaz software and, SDKs for development.

• Small footprint 7.0" diagonal, high-resolution display
• Sign documents, play videos, run ads
• GemGuard® antimicrobial pen
• Bundled with Topaz software solutions for GemView
• Signature seen on tablet display and computer screen

What's Included

Signature Pad & Pen
Connection Cable
Software Download Instructions

\images\display\Signature-Pad\Signature Pad Configuration Grids\Topaz TD-LBK070 - Configuration Grid

Custom Screen Protector

INDUCOMP’s custom screen protector helps protect the display on the Topaz signature pad. Protects the touch screen from ballpoint pens or anything abrasive used as a stylus. Highly recommended for any public use application.


Wall Mount for Topaz Signature Pad

The SLANTplus wall mount bracket has a 60° slant, providing a comfortable position to sign the Topaz T-LBK57 eSignature pad. All cables are secured from public access. The design of the SLANTplus wall mount bracket is modern, attractive and secure.

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