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Signature Pad Outdoor Kiosk
T-LBK57 Signature Pad Outdoor Kiosk
Base Price $715.95
SigX Outdoor
Base Configuration
Est. Shipping 1-10 days
Optional Topaz Signature Pad
Metal kiosk enclosure
Front door heat shield
Reflective paint
Dual heaters
Optional 2-way intercom
Optional POE
Can be locked for security
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Signature Pad Outdoor Kiosk -SigX

The Topaz TLBK57 e-Signature pad securely mounts inside the SigX Outdoor Wall Mount Kiosk. The outdoor kiosk is ideal for weighing scale applications, bank applications and any drive-up or walk-up application that require a signature. The kiosk makes verification simple without the end user entering into the facility. Options include, POE, heaters, two-way intercom and the ability to place a pad lock on the kiosk preventing access to the signature pad.

Signature Pad

T-LBK57GC Signature Pad
SigGem® signature pad color 5.7 is Topaz's advanced, more durable 5.7" full-color TFT VGA (640 x 480) LCD electronic signature pad that displays "electronic ink" under the pen tip during signing. Options include antimicrobial pen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and MSR specialty models available. Bundled secure software APIs provide for interactive text, graphics, and pen-tap hotspots and checkboxes, which enable users to navigate screens, read agreements, and select preferred options before signing.


Custom Signature Pad Screen Protector
INDUCOMP’s custom screen protector helps protect the display on the Topaz signature pad. Protects the touch screen from ballpoint pens or anything abrasive used as a stylus. Highly recommended for any public use application.

Easy Access

The signature pad and stylus are secured from the public but easy to remove for cleaning or replacement. A secured front plate prevents access to the signature pad.

Keep Warm

INDUCOMP’s proprietary heater control and dual heater control system keeps the signature pad warm in cold weather.

Keep Cool

The SigX signature pad outdoor kiosk is painted silver to reflect the sunlight. A heat shield is placed on the front door to reflect heat. In addition a internal fan is controlled by the INDUCOMP proprietary controller.


AC Power
The SigX signature pad outdoor kiosk can be powered by an external AC\DC power supply that is typically stored within the facility where people work, not outside. A special long cable is used to power the heater. Using this method, no AC power is located outside. The kiosk can be installed by IT or maintenance staff. No electrician is necessary. The SigPad is powered by USB.

DC Electric

POE Power
The signature pad kiosk can be powered by an external POE and injector using CAT6 cable. This gives the ability to locate the kiosk far from any power source. Perfect for remote scale operations where AC is not readily available.


Mounting the kiosk unattended away from windows and doors may present a communication problem for the person signing the SigPad. The optional two-way intercom gives the communication needed to ask questions without entering the facility. The intercom system is rugged and simple to use.


To sign the signature pad the end user must lift the door. The kiosk comes with a soft hydraulic closure that slowly closes the door. This is a safety feature to prevent quick closures of the door on a user’s hands due to gravity closing the door quickly. It also reduces noise and vibration to the mounting surface.


Storing the stylus somewhere on the signature pad kiosk can be an issue when trying to keep the elements out of the kiosk enclosure. The SigX outdoor has a stylus shelf that gives the end user a place to return the stylus to after use.


Not all companies run 24/7. Since the signature pad is outdoor a padlock bracket has been added to the kiosk so it can be secured overnight.

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