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Topaz Signature Pad Floor Kiosk With T-LBK57GC

Are you looking for a unique floor kiosk for the Topaz Systems signature pad to complement your business? We offer the widest selection of signature pad floor kiosks for your Topaz signature pad. Our floor kiosks are designed to fit your specific needs and can be branded with your company’s logo and other information. All floor kiosks can be ordered alone or bundled with a Topaz T-LBK57GC, TD-LBK070, or TD-LBK101 model series signature pad

Floor Kiosk for the Topaz T-LBK57 Signature Pad

The Topaz T-LBK57 signature pad securely mounts to our floor kiosk providing the perfect standalone signature station for any self-service Topaz signature pad application. All cables are secured from public access. Optional branding can be placed on the face of the kiosk or on the optional additional branding riser plate.

The Topaz T-LBK57GC Model Series


The SigGem Color 5.7 is an advanced, durable electronic signature pad with a 5.7-inch full-color TFT VGA LCD display that shows electronic ink under the pen tip during the signing. The pad comes with secure software APIs that allow for interactive text, graphics, and pen-tap hotspots and checkboxes, enabling users to navigate screens and select preferred options before signing. The signature seen on the pad is also visible on the computer screen. Topaz offers various models, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and MSR specialty models, and provides replacement pens, tilt stands, USB cables, and other accessories. All Topaz products come bundled with software tools and support for electronic signatures, and the company also offers electronic signature solutions for businesses.

• 5.7" full-color tempered glass LCD display
• GemGuard® antimicrobial pen
• Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and MSR specialty models available
• Rugged, more durable technology
• Signature seen on pad and computer screen

What's Included

Signature Pad & Pen
Connection Cable
Software Download Instructions

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\images\display\Signature-Pad\Signature Pad Configuration Grids\Topaz T-LBK57 - Configuration Grid

Custom Screen Protector

INDUCOMP’s custom screen protector helps protect the display on the Topaz signature pad. Protects the touch screen from ballpoint pens or anything abrasive used as a stylus. Highly recommended for any public use application.


Custom Floor Kiosk Branding

Beautiful custom printed stickers or magnets can make your brand standout in a busy environment. Let us make the graphics come alive for your eSignature self-service kiosk application.

Riser Plate Branding

Additional custom printed stickers or magnets can be added to the optional riser plate giving the self-service eSignature application that little extra needed to convey your branding objective.


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