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Desktop SigX Kiosk
T-LBK57 Signature Pad Stand – Black
Base Price $154.50
SigX Desktop
Base Configuration
AtlasPower FLEXplus Stand, black
Mount, heavy base, desktop, silver
Topaz Bracket - T-LBK57, black
Est. Shipping 1-10 days
Optional Topaz T-LBK57
Sets on desktop
Heavy base
Three adjustable heights
Lock in place or Tilt and Swivel
Cables are concealed
Attractive design
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Signature Pad Desktop Stand - SigX T-LBK57

SigX TLBK57 e-Signature Desktop Stand The Topaz TLBK57 e-Signature pad securely mounts to the SigX desktop stand. All cables are secured from public access with the specially designed mounting bracket.

The SigX desktop stand sets securely on any desktop. The heavy base is small but weighs 4.70 lbs. The bottom rubber ring gives superb gripping power keeping the stand steady during the end-user interaction. The stand can be fixed or can be setup for a full range of motion. The SigX desk stand is perfect for any e-signature application.


T-LBK57GC SigPad
SigGem® Color 5.7 is Topaz's advanced, more durable 5.7" full-color TFT VGA (640 x 480) LCD electronic signature pad that displays "electronic ink" under the pen tip during signing. Options include antimicrobial pen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and MSR specialty models available. Bundled secure software APIs provide for interactive text, graphics, and pen-tap hotspots and checkboxes, which enable users to navigate screens, read agreements, and select preferred options before signing.


Custom Screen Protector
INDUCOMP’s custom screen protector helps protect the display on the Topaz signature pad. Protects the touch screen from ballpoint pens or anything abrasive used as a stylus. Highly recommended for any public use application.


Flexible Desk Mount
The SigX™ desktop stand is truly flexible. Seven position ratchet adjustable tilt. 270 (degrees symbol) swivel and 90 (degrees symbol) rotation, landscape, and portrait. The SigX signature pad desk mount is so flexible, all movements can be locked to be stationary.


Three Sizes
Each SigX™ desktop stand comes with three adjustable heights 4.25”, 6.5”, and 9.0”. Adjust your signature pad stand to low, medium or tall. Simply replace or add extensions to the stand. Create the desired height for your signature pad application.


Secure and Hidden
The SigX™ desk mount stand allows all cables to be secure and hidden from the public. The heavy base provides space for the cables to exit neatly out the back of the base. This cable management gives a clean professional looking signature pad desktop solution.

Heavy Base

Desktop Stability
The heavy base on the desk stand provides true signature pad desktop stability while providing flexibility to move the desk stand to the place the application requires. The heavy base a stout 4.7 lbs. and combined with the gripping bottom rubber ring the desk stand holds steady during user interaction.

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