Are you a software development company looking to offer your customers a total solution, but don’t have the right computer hardware to complete the package?


Let INDUCOMP design and build a hardware solution that has 100% of the features needed to have a industry leading application.

Relief from the hardware burden is here.

We manufacture computer hardware for software service companies who need to deploy their software uniquely to their market place. Whether you need a kiosk, computer system, simple enclosure, or a special bracket, we provide relief from the burden of manufacturing and deploying hardware to the field. This burden often falls on software companies aiming to provide a one-stop shop for their customers.

With our start-to-finish design, fabrication, and assembly we will provide you a single SKU number for easy reordering.

We are not to be confused with a contract manufacturer who produces a set product with fixed monthly orders. We operate as an internal arm of your company by offering product flexibility while maintaining the highest quantity trying to meet the needs of you and your customers.

We will act as your inside manufacturer, taking your existing and new hardware projects to our shop for in-house, start-to-finish design, fabrication, manufacturing and deployment.

Let us be your manufacturing extension, freeing your workforce to do what they do best - sell and support software

Bring your idea to life.

New Product Development Custom Design Process

Our team will work with yours to modify or create a new product thatworks 100 percent with your software and for your application. We follow a simple, 7 - step process to ensure the product we make meets your and your customers' specifications.

7-step customization process

Custom Design Process

Our team will sit down with your team and discuss the concept, requirements, environment and how the product will be used along with any dos and don’ts.
Our team will present concept design drawings for your team to review. During that review meeting we will combine the knowledge and input to create a comprehensive design and feature set. We then will create a three-dimensional design in SolidWorks® 3D CAD software. The Using this 3D CAD software, we will provide a 360⁰ view of the product and its components.
After providing a quote, we will use the 3D design to create a physical prototype. Depending on the size of the product, we can quickly and inexpensively generate a model from our 3D printer. Items too large for the printer will be fabricated in-house by traditional means.
Once the prototype is created, we work with your team to verity the fit, function and software prior to producing a pre- production. We will verify the prototype is ready to submit for any necessary certification. We are experienced in most certification processes including FCC, UL, CE, PCI and Factory Mutual. If there is a significant amount of changes, we will produce another prototype. However, we strive to make only one prototype, thus avoiding loss of time and money.
Once we begin the pre-production run, we can make any final modifications on the fly during pre-production. Once the pre-production products are complete, we always recommend that you deploy the product in the field to identify any unforeseen complications with the product, installation or implementation.
Once the product is deployed, we can analyze the quality and performance and determine if any other changes are necessary before final production. Minor changes can be made during the final production run instead of producing another prototype. Our goal is to get the final product to you as fast as possible and at the least cost to you.
Upon final production, we will provide your purchasing department with a price sheet and part numbers for easy ordering.

When we build you save $$

Some of our commonly intergrated components include:



LCD Screen
Sunlight Readable LCD Screen
Touch Screen
Vandal Proof Touch Screen
Tempered Glass
Screen Protector
Anti-Reflective Film
Optical Bonding
Digital Signage


SBC Motherboards
ITX Motherboards
ARM Motherboard
Custom Motherboards

Cables and Enclosures

Custom Cables
Rugged Sealed Enclosures
Plastic and Metal Enclosures
Custom Enclosures

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows
Apple IOS


Tablet Enclosures


CDMA/GSM Modules
Integrated Devices


Cash Drawers
Credit Card Reader
Barcode Reader
Finger Print Reader
EMV Solutions
Signature Capture
Scale Interface


Receipt Printers
Kiosk Printers
Bluetooth Printers


WiFi Solutions
Bluetooth Solutions
4G Cellular Radio

Self-Serve Components

Bill Acceptor
Coin Acceptor

Pointing Devices

Rugged Keyboards
POS Keyboards
Matrix Keyboard
Waterproof Mouse
Embedded Mouse


Custom Laminates
Custom Stickers
Custom Logo Labeling
Pad Printing


Custom Colors

Mounting Hardware

Desk Stand
Floor Stand
Wall Mount
Custom Brackets


External Power Supply
Open Frame Power Supply
Custom Power Supply

Let our engineers work with you to create the perfect hardware deployment product.

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Sheet Metal


CNC Machining












Optical Bonding

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