The TabletArmor SDK suite provides fast tools for building apps

Windows, iOS and Android

TabletArmor Peripheral Platform

The TabletArmor SDK platform can be used to quickly and easily develop applications that require peripheral devices
• 1D/2D Barcode scanner
• HID/Smart Card reader
• Magstripe card reader
• MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) Reader
• Fingerprint reader
• EMV Contact payment card reader
• 3 in 1 EMV payment device (Contact, Contactless, Magstripe)
• GPIO and serial port

Windows SDK


Windows Peripheral Platform

Easy to Use
The TabletArmor Windows SDK library is a Microsoft .NET assembly that provides structured access to peripherals attached to a TabletArmor unit.
The TA SDK is designed for easy access from Microsoft .NET languages like Visual Basic, C#, and Managed C++.
The TA SDK supports the .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.5 Frameworks.
Supports any CPU and is available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Android SDK


Android Peripheral Platform

Reduces Complexity
The Android Software SDK uses the libUSB stack which is a C application library that gives the application easy access to that attached USB Devices.
A HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) and JNI (Java Native Interface) layer provide the interfaces between the hardware level and the Application Manager. This hides most of the complexity of the hardware interface and driver from the app developer.
The TA Android SDK will support any version of Android Studio (up to 3.1 currently).
The SDK has been tested on versions of Android up through Nougat (7.0).



iOS Peripheral Platform

Rapid Deployment
The TabletArmor iOS SDK enables iOS apps to interact with peripherals attached to a TabletArmor platform.
This SDK uses a custom protocol layer called eAce to communicate over an iAP2 link to a Linux microcontroller in the TabletArmor unit that interfaces to a set of attached peripherals. This hides the iAP2 complexity from the app developer.
The TA iOS Framework can be imported to the standard Xcode (Xcode 6.0+) and the developer can develop applications with the iOS APIs and also with the third party library modules.
SDK package is provided as .framework module that can be linked into any iOS application in the Xcode IDE.

SDK Package

Complete Platform Package

Ensures Success

Full documentation, with integration guideline


Sample code, includes full compressive source


Demo application, used for quick easy testing

Develop your interactive application quickly

by using the powerful TabletArmor SDK platform


Supports all three OS platforms Windows, Android and iOS
Supports nine different I\O TabletArmor peripheral devices
Supports Windows Microsoft .NET
Supports Android libUSB stack
Supports Apple iOS API’s
Full documentation
Sample code
Demo application for quick easy testing

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