One, Two or Three POS Tablet Stands & Enclosures

Tablet Armor has the tablet enclosure for you

TabletArmor Enclosures

Beautiful in Design
With great care, we have sculptured the TabletArmor enclosures so they have a modern sleek look and can be placed in any business environment. The enclosures are strong, sleek and elegant and provide a seamless interface with XpandIT peripherals and AtlasPower mounting hardware. It is the perfect solution for any application both visually and functionally.

Tablet Armor 8” Enclosure

Small but Smart

Fits 7” and 8” tablets
Small footprint
Capitalize by using inexpensive small tablets
Perfect for applications that require limited display data

Tablet Armor 10” Enclosure

Just the Right Size

Works with 9” to 11” tablets
Medium footprint
Utilizes the most popular tablet size
Great for applications that need a little larger display

Tablet Armor 12" Enclosure

Bigger is Better

Fits tablets 11” to 13”
Large footprint
Ultimate display size
Use for applications that need to be seen

Secure your POS tablet stand

Tablet Armor Lock Mechanism

Secure and Safe

The Tablet Armor unique locking mechanism provides security from casual intruders and keeps your table secure. The 7 pin radial tumbler is placed on top of the enclosure so it can be accessed when mounted to a wall.

Table Enclosure Fit-n-Lift

Fit-n-Lift™ Kit

Keeping the Tablet in Place

Easy to Install
Swappable if your tablet changes
Holds the tablet tightly in place

POS Table Peripherals

Application Power

Seven attachable Peripherals

XpandIT Peripherals are easy to install,
Seven different peripherals
• EMV\Magstripe
• Fingerprint
• Barcode
• Proximity
• Passport
• Printer or Speaker
Fits seamless on the enclosure
Remove peripheral access doors to install peripherals


Do More

Install One to Four XpandIT Peripherals

Attaches easily to the enclosure
All cables are secured within the enclosure
Get the most out of your application

VESA Mount Tablet Stand

VESA mounting is always available

Supports both 100mm and 75mm VESA standards

Although the TabletArmor mounting solutions do not require the VESA mounting standard, the VESA mounting holes are always included in the enclosure. The VESA holes can be drilled onsite or at our factory to meet any VESA mounting solution.

Custom POS Tablet Stand Colors

A Spectrum of Beauty

Custom Colors

Need something special for your Kiosk presentation. Customize your TabletArmor enclosure, faceplate or both. Although minimum quantiles are required for customized colored plastic it might make the perfect brand presentation to your customers. Contact us and see what ocean of colors await your application.

Custom Faceplate Graphics

Different faces for different applications

Brand your TabletArmor faceplate

Promote your brand with logos, icons or general graphics. Customize the TabletArmor faceplate utilizing our four color silkscreen printing process to make a lasting impression.

Faceplate Options

Open or Close

Cover camera or buttons

Select from one of four open or close faceplate options
Limit access to the tablet camera and buttons
Cover the camera or the buttons from public use
Speaker holes are always open on all faceplates

Exceptional customer facing kiosk solution,

elegance that can’t be ignored


Three beautiful enclosure 8”, 10” and 12”
Quality lock, 7 pin radial tumbler
Replaceable tablet Fit-n-Lift Kit
Replaceable Faceplate
Add powerful peripherals at anytime
Add seamless AtlasPower mounts
Onboard VESA mount 80mm and 100mm
Standard and custom colors
Custom faceplate graphics
Multiple faceplate configurations
Data Sheets, Brochures, Drawings and Drivers





Drivers & Downloads

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