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INDUCOMP's standard line of Kiosk can be configured with various component that relate to the function of the Kiosk. Explore the Kosk that work's best for your application.

Explore the Kiosk Possibilities

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Thin Floor Stand

With a small foot print and a sleek design this Kiosk is great for simple customer touch screen interaction. It is great for trade shows kiosk, retail information kiosk or simple lobby kiosk. Find out the detail in the Knowledge Center below.

Expanded Floor Stand

Just slightly deeper than the A100 the A200 gives you plenty of space for printers, bill accepters, single coin acceptors, credit card devices and barcode scanners. See more information in the Knowledge Center Below.

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Deposit Floor Stand

The A300 is very flexible and can accommodate bulk bill acceptor, bulk coin acceptors, EMV magnetic stripe readers, EMV contact and contactless readers. It is perfect for self-sever applications that require cash and\or credit deposits. See more information in the knowledge center below.

Payment Floor Stand

The A400 can be configured with all the latest EMV\PCI payment devices. Contact, contactless, magnetic strip reader, drives license and passport. Great for bill pay applications, utilities, traffic tickets, restaurant self-serve order and checkout.

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Outdoor Floor Stand

Outfitted with a full 2000BTU air conditioner the O100 can be configured for many applications ranging from digital display outdoor kiosk to a full payment kiosk. Call us and let us know what components you need to fulfill your outdoor application.

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