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Internet of Things (IOT)

INDUCOMP has been creating wireless connected machine to machine (M2M) systems for many years. Today the mainstream technology buzzword is called Internet of Things (IoT).

No matter what it is called we continue to build devices that sense and report data. Our custom devices help make your application data more valuable by giving real time feedback so that you have the correct Business Intelligence to make decisions faster and more accurate.



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Unlike other IOT providers who focus only on the software we excel at the product design stage. As an industrial hardware manufacture for over 33 we have the experience to know where and what components to select to create the best IOT product for your application. We can use off the shelf processor boards such as Raspberry PI, Arduino and Adafruit or create custom a custom board using the minimum components to optimize your IOT design. Wrap this with the correct power management and correct enclosure you will be collecting data in no time.

Embedded Software

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INDUCOMP develops complete embedded systems utilizing a wide variety of embedded software solutions such as; C, C++, Java, Assembly, RTOS, Microprocessor development, FPGA development, Windows IOT, Linux, Android, custom drivers and various external communication protocols. We heavily document the embedded code so your investment is safe now and in the future.

Database Design and Interface

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Database Cloud Services

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As a Verizon VSP partner we are able to sell cellular and cloud base services to help you simplify your IOT deployment. With our Verizon plans we can put together month to month flexible data plan that won’t break the bank or require long term contracts. This is especially valuable in the startup stage. We provide the complete end to end solution for our customers. From the development stage to the deployment stage we are there to make you successful.

Database User Interface

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A poor user interface is a common problem with some IOT device implementation. We can help with mobile and web based user interfaces that are simple yet powerful. With our in-house software developers we can deliver apps in Windows, Android and IOS. If your project requires extensive of development we can utilize and manage our offshore development teams to save you money.

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Business Intelligence software gives you an easy way to connect to your reports and dashboards. Software such as Microsoft Power BI can natively connect to databases and services locally or in the cloud Connect to cloud SQL, Oracle, Salesforce, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and 365, Excel workbooks, and any other third-party IOT systems. Gather and display the data efficiently using the latest Business Intelligence software.

Icon of Database Off Shore Manufacturing

Once the prototype and first article of your IOT device is tested and complete its time for mass production. Utilizing off-shore suppliers is essential to being financially successful deploying your IOT device. But how you navigate language and dealing with companies that won’t take your money and not deliver? INDUCOMP has been doing business in Taiwan and China for decades. We have solid relationships and feet on the ground in Asia that can assure protection of your product and your investment. Let us help you be successful by choosing the right overseas partner.

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Getting the right off shore partner is step one of getting the product made but most IOT projects require other parts that need to be kitted to make the solution complete. They need to be packaged and delivered to the installation team prior to the installation date. INDUCOMP can kit orders by placing cables, hardware, software, etc. in one box so that the customer or installation team has what they need to install. Why use your valuable personnel to do what we do every day? Why touch the product more than you need to? Use us to package and ship your IOT solution to the designated customer or team.

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