INDUCOMP Online Policies

File Upload Policy

By uploading files, you represent and warrant that you have the right and/or authority to agree to the following terms and conditions either on your own behalf or on behalf of your company (as applicable).

You agree that:
(i) you will not engage in, nor cause others to engage in, spamming or improper marketing activities;

(ii) the information, materials, images, data, etc. that you include: (a) do not violate any applicable law, statute, directive, ordinance, treaty, contract, regulation, or Policies (collectively, "Laws"), (b) do not infringe any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property right of any person or entity, (c) do not breach any duty toward, or rights of, any person or entity, including rights of publicity and/or privacy, and (d) are not false, fraudulent, deceptive, or libelous; and\

(iii) you will comply with any trade sanction, and/or import or export regulation that applies to your use of the INDUCOMP products and services.

Violation of any of the foregoing may result in immediate termination of your agreement with INDUCOMP or your account without notice and may subject you to legal penalties and consequences. You further agree that INDUCOMP may delete any files that you upload at any time at INDUCOMP's discretion.

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