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    Since 1984, we have been providing innovative hardware and software solutions to industry. INDUCOMP Corporation is one of the largest and one of the only industrial computer manufactures that design, fabricate, and assemble its product exclusively in the United States.

    We have a large fabrication facility that gives us the ability to produce not only standard product but also custom products. Using the state of the art 3D Cad software, we design the products that our customers want. Depending on the design, we utilize one of our fabrication areas to fabricate the product from start to finish. Our fabrication division includes; full sheet metal capabilities, CNC machining, Plastic sheet fabrication, Mold making (Plastic injection, sand cast, die cast) and plastic injection.

   This fabrication capability gives us the fastest time to market for our customers. Unlike most other industrial computer manufactures that have moved their manufacturing out of the United States, we have expanded and remained in the United States so we can support our customers in a timely manner.

   We manufacture over 50 different models of monitors, industrial computers, keyboards, and pointing devices. No matter what type product our customer need we have the capabilities to design, fabricate, manufacture, assemble, and deliver the product.

Simply put, “We manufacture products that work where you work”.

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